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    Loader componet content path

      I have the following structure:

      Root movie creates a blank movie clip inside itself.
      Root moview loads an swf file (content.swf) into the blank movie clip, based on AS logic.
      The content.swf's are in a folder one level down from the root movie:

      I need the content.swf to load jpg's from an external file.

      I have the loader component in a content.swf and I know the content.swf is loading properly. AutoLoad = true for the loader component.

      I've tried the following scenerios:
      At the level of root.swf:
      Put the image beside root.swf: image.jpg (contentPath: image.jpg)
      Put the image in an images folder beside root.swf: /images/image.jpg (contentPath:image.jpg)

      At the level of the swfs:
      Put the image beside content.swf: /swfs/image.jpg (contentPath: image.jpg)
      Put the image in an image folder beside content.swf: /swfs/images/image.jpg (contentPath: images/image.jpg)

      None of these scenerios work.

      Is it possible to load an image into a movieclip loadded into a blank movieclip inside a root movie? Can I use loadMovieNum? Would that work better? If so, do I do the AS in the content.swf? or the root.swf?

      Thanks for your help!