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    Please help. AVI import question.


      Hey everyone, thanks for the help. This has been annoying me for quite some time, and I have tried everything and it still doesn't work. I am using Adobe Premiere Version 7.0, just to let you know. Alright, here we go.


      This version of Adobe Premiere Pro doesn't let you capture footage with a USB cable (which they did before, why they got rid of it who knows). I have a firewire port, but it broke a long time ago. Anyway, I can only capture with USB. I use Windows Movie Maker to capture in AVI format. I figure I can capture in WMM and import the AVI files to Adobe Premiere.


      When I import the Windows-Movie-Maker-captured AVI files into Premiere, it plays perfectly about 25 percent of the clip before the rest of the clip locks on a still frame and the audio of that frame. I have a 19 minute, 48 second clip, and it only gets to 4:59 before it locks on a still frame for the next 15 mins. Does anyone know why it imports but only renders or conforms the first 25%? I could import wmvs but the quality is so low I'd rather not.


      Please, someone help me.


      Thanks for your time,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Capture can only be done over firewire. This has never been changed.


          With USB one IMPORTS, not capture. Import with USB has never been possible.


          Using WMM results in AVI type1 which causes these problems. You need to convert the AVI files to type2. Use Google to find a suitable converter.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            I would use Harm's suggestion to convert the Type I to Type II, and the issues should be solved. Normally, Type I's will function OK, with the occasional OOS (Out Of Sync), but it is static (in most cases), and can be easily adjusted for. Still, the conversion is quick and painless. I use DigitalMedia Converter 2.7 (shareware), but there are many free conversion programs, like Prism, that get good reviews.


            Do not use any flavor of WMV, as these will cause many issues, with the loss of quality being only one.


            Also, unless you have a laptop, a FireWire card would be a very cheap addition, and get you to where you could Capture directly from your miniDV tape camera. I would go with one that has a controller chip for each connection. I've seen these in the US$10 - 20 range for single chip units, and around US$ 30 for multi-chip cards.


            Good luck,