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    preloading certain frames


      hello all,



      i have my portfolio website which is a 1.5mb big flash presentation and i thought about making a preloader.

      the problem is that making a preloader for the entire site will take too long to load. i have tried that.

      so i thought about making a preloader for each "page" or section of my presentation. for example- just for syneron, or just for m-systems (with each of them have a few diferent pages in the presentation, but their size is managable).


      the problem is that i cant find anything is the preloader code that will let met control what frames to preload (for example, frames 100-200).


      i have to tell you guys in advance that i dont know anything about html,js or likewise. all i know is some flash and dreamweaver i learned myself to put up this site.


      thanks in advance,