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    Import Sequence Settings instead of 'Match Sequence Settings'?

    andi_urra Level 1

      Hi, we have the following problem with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder (English CS5, German MacOS):


      We film with Sony EX3 in Germany, so our media are always 1920x1080, 25fps, progressive, square pixels. We produce for streaming video, with differing resolutions and bandwith, but always 25fps, progressive, square pixels, H.264. Often we have to encode intermediate files for our Premiere/After Effects workflow (typically Quicktime Animation or MPEG2).


      On export, Media Encoder defaults to Quicktime PAL DV (in CS4 it defaulted to Quicktime NTSC DV). As a result, we always have to enter the complete data: Codec, resolution, pixel aspect ratio, fps, field type, etc.


      Now I heard of the "Match Sequence Settings" option in AME and already rejoiced. As it seems, too early. When checking that checkbox, everything becomes locked and cannot be adjusted. Even when sending it from Premiere to the queue in AME, I am not allowed to adjust the settings there. The "Settings" button is locked.


      So all parameters, and even the Codec is locked in. As it seems, mostly MPEG I-Frame. But never H.264


      This renders the function rather useless to us. Instead of "Match Sequence Settings" it would have been so much more useful to have an "Import Sequence Settings" option/function, with the ability to adjust them further.


      Can this be achieved otherwise? Is there any hope that Adobe adds this option? What would I have to do to make that request (plea) noticed at Adobe?


      Kind regards,