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    does the home page always have to be index.html?

    VickyC112 Level 1


      I've always thought that the home page needs to be titled index.html for this page to be displayed first but I'm wondering if there is a way around it to solve a problem for my client.

      My site http://www.gvs.co.uk/ has 4 sections - GVS, CAFE ASSIST, VEND ASSIST and COOL ASSIST but  the cafe, cool and vend sections can only be accessed through gvs.co.uk. Now my client has bought the domain www.cafeassist.co.uk and he would like the cafe section to appear first when visiting this address. But if I just upload the entire site to cafeassist.co.uk then the server will automatically pick out the index.html page which would then display the wrong page. Would I need to change some of the file names so that the index.html page became that of the Cafe Assist page and not the GVS page? Or is there another way around it?