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    Flash - IPod, IPad etc


      According to Adobe and elsewhere there are over 2 million Flash programmers worldwide. Yes?

      If so, then where on earth are we all? Where's the opinion of all of us Flash programmers?

      Where's the massive double million strong global professional voice to point out the glaring untruths on the reasons put about by Apple-ites and Mr  Steve Jobs about Flash not being acceptable to various I-Devices?

      What is Adobe doing to counteract the IPad anti-Flash publicity?


      After a brief flurry online with the Adobe-Apple forums, everything seems to have gone silent.


      I head-up a small UK based company specialising in Flash programming and specialising in online language teaching, online surveys, simulations, learning games, interactive websites, Flash/PHP driven databases etc. Everything we do is in Flash - not just movies or games - in other words a whole host of useful online media and interactivity.


      Am I to fold up our company? Am I to fire my employees? Where are the other so-called millions of Flash Programming Junkies like me to make a serious geo-political economic point? Don't Ipad/Iphone users realise how much they are going to lose in terms of online content?


      All the publicity I've seen mostly concerns Flash as an online video and games channeller.

      But there is SO much more to Flash that that - as you all know!

      So, Adobe and others, where's the backup or support to small companies like mine who stand to lose very large sums of capital investment into  our Flash programming infrastructure? We all adopted Flash because of its global reach and footprint online as much as anything else.

      So what do I do with our many Flash projects for the last 10 years and their clients who are starting to ask me questions such as...

      "Will our online subscribers be able to view the websites if they have IPads?"

      So far I am completely unclear...


      Do I train all employees up to html5 instead of Flash? But Flash is a totally different ball game and streaks ahead of html5 in terms of online possibilities... I can't begin to do what my customers want if there is no real alternative to Flash online!!


      Advice please! Do I give up and open a Chinese Restaurant or a village shop selling newspapers, sweets and biros? Or do I keep going with Flash based projects?


      Many thanks


      H Walwyn