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    Problem with import PS layer in AE CS4




      I will import an  Photoshop CS4 PSD file with 4 layers  in a new composition in After Effects CS4, but I don't get the new composition with 4 layer....?

      Here is my workflow:

      a Photoshop file with four layers are saved as PSD file.


      In AE I select "Import File", choose my PSD file - select "Import as: Composition"

      but the file is not view in  project files window as an New Composition but only as if it is a common PSD file.

      See attachment


      Another way I have trued in AE is .


      Import file - Import as: composition ("x" in Photoshop Sequence)

      Layer options : Editable Layer styles


      Now I have en composition but only with 1 layer and not the four layers I want!