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    How to skin a complete app in flash builder 4/flex 4 sdk?

    saariko Level 1

      hey all


      i developed an Air app in flex builder 3, and since i dont want to design, just program, i used a skin from scalenine.com, the Kingnare skin. http://scalenine.com/gallery/


      It was easy to apply: just added the src files to my project and added the <mx:Style source= "style.css" /> tag to my main mxml app (where style.css was in the Kingnare package).


      now i wanted to move to flash builder 4 (using the flex 4 sdk of course) since i needed the new spark text components for right-to-left text


      my question is two-fold:


      1. does anyone know where i can find complete skins (ie uniform ones that include skins for both mx and spark components)? and what am i looking for - fxp files or what?


      2. how can i skin my entire app with a single line of code ( or 2 lines - one for the mx and one for spark) as i did in FB3 in such a way that adding any components will have the same skin?



      thanx in advance,