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    CS5 memory leak or memory problems?

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      I was happily editing away this morning for a couple of hours - ran one output via AME and then all of a sudden, PPro started taken A VERY long time saving - 10 minutes or so.


      A quick look at task manager showed all available memory used up and Win 7 (64 bit) was paging frantically to disk.


      PPro was using just over 7Gb of the 8Gb in this system - which I've not seen before. There are a few linked AE comps (very simple) but AE is only using 3MB in task manager.


      This particular project hadn't changed at all in this session - I'd simply opened it up and saved it as a new file name.


      Next step to restart the PC - I'm sure it'll then be fine, but we'll see...


      So something is well astray here. Anyone else seen similar behaviour?