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    Illustrator CS5 automatically switching monitors




      I am running Illustrator CS5 on Windows 7 64 with dual monitors and my problem is that every time I open Illustrator it starts on the main monitor to the left.  All of the other CS5 applications remember where they start and stay there.  If I move Illustrator to the other monitor (right) and start a new file the application switches back to the other monitor automatically (left).  If I then switch it back (right) and start working it will automatically switch monitors again (left).  I have a Wacom tablet mapped to the monitor on my right and I can't seem to keep the application there.  Photoshop CS5, Fireworks CS5 and even Illustrator CS4 handle this fine and stay on my monitor to the right.  It has made it unusable if I need to to work with my tablet.  Please help.