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    Consuming web services

      I have a vendor who's provided me with a wsdl to start testing web service connectivity. When I use the standard CFINVOKE methodology, I get the following error message:

      faultString: Destination Unreachable --- WSE817: The "To" header must match the Actor attribute on this receiver. The "To" header contained http://someURLNotProvidedInMyCFML whereas the Actor attribute was http://someOtherURLOnTheirDomain

      I've abstracted the URL's in the error message due to a NDA in place that I don't want to violate. Here's what I can provide:

      Neither of the URL's am I providing in my CFML

      Neither of the URL's is using the https protocol that I've been given for the WSDL.

      The WSDL works (returns the definition) when typed directly into a browser

      I can successfully connect to other web services over the internet using same proxy settings, etc (including an example on Forta's site)

      To further diagnose, I would first like to view the exact contents of the SOAP envelope that is being created by the CFINVOKE tag.

      I have looked into calling the web service using CFSCRIPT / CREATEOBJECT and assume I can add the correct headers and call the right methods to get this working but I want some basis for going to this effort (I want to make sure it's not just some simple setting in the vendor's enviroment that can be changed so that I can use CFINVOKE - all references I've been able to find about this error have pointed to server-side configuration settings on the producer).

      Does anyone know how to output the contents of a SOAP envelope, wether it returns a successfully or not?
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          ksmith Level 1
          There are technotes and instructions in the doc set on how to use sniffer.exe to view this. Sniffer comes with cfmx & jrun.

          You can also use Charles and a host of other programs to view the dialog between CF and your webservice.
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            toofless Level 1
            thanks, but sniffer doesn't seem to help - the only thing it returns is the same error I'm seeing in my browser.

            what I'm looking for the is envelope contents that I'm sending, via CFINVOKE, to a web service that's outside of my domain of control.