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    Does de-authorising reduce the authorisation count?


      I have heard rumour that de-authorising previously authorised PC/devices doesn't actually reduce the activation count for ADE.

      I this true?

      I got a bit carried away when I 1st started and authorised 3 PCs at home and my bebook reader. My bebook reader had to be returned due to fault - unfortunately I didn't de-authorise it before it  - adobe support tells me that there's nothing I can do about that (so that's one activation gone) and when the replacement reader turns up another activation will be used - that will be five in total - so if de-authorising does nothing to the count I'm left with one authorisation till the end of time - I've asked suppoort about this and haven't had an answer - I'm a little wary of buying more ADE books if the authorisations run out (due to pc failure or reader failure or uprades of either) and being stuck with a library I can't access.

      I've checked around the forums and it looks like exceeding the authorisation count is not an uncommon problem and there appears little progress on fixing the problem on Adobe's part.

      I am still waiting for a reply to the last post.


      Following is my discussion with support -


      Ok I understand that I can't de-activate the reader now it has been returned but assuming I keep using digital editions for years to
      come, as PCs die or need the hard-drive replaced/reformated and the breakdown usually occurs without warning (ie I don't get the ch
      ance to de-activate the PC) won't I eventually run out of activations? (I've already lost one to the returned ebook, one on the PC I
      download with and one to the new reader when it arrives)
      Under those circumstances do I have to then create a new accounbt and lose access to all my previously purchased ebooks?


      I would have thought the record of authorisations would be held by adobe and therefore able to be removed/reset by adobe.
      I'm just trying to understand the authorisation process before I invest too much in digital edition ebooks.
      The number of authorisations is something else I'm little confused about I read in one place that I could have 6 PCs AND 5 ebooks de
      vices but I think I reade on the adbode site that it is only 5 PCs or devices in total.


      Thanks for your assistance with these queries

      Notes to Customer

      Thursday, May 20, 2010 6:44:21 PM PDT
      Hi Catherine,


      Thank you for getting back to us. I appreciate your promptness in
      responding to our email.


      The information provided was really helpful in understanding the issue.


      As per the latest update provided by you my understanding is that you
      have returned your E-reader to your vendor for replacement.


      Catherine , I would like to  inform you that in this case you are not
      able to de-activate your E-reader because it must be connected to the


      However you can  de-authorize your remaining computers by simple process
      advised in last interaction.


      You can also try referring to our knowledge base and User to User forums
      by clicking on the following links:


      Knowledge base: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm


      U2U Forums: www.forums.adobe.com authorization


      To know more about Adobe products, please visit our product page:


      Thanks for contacting Adobe Technical Web Support and we appreciate your
      time spent.


      Have a nice day.


      Abhishek maheshwari,
      Adobe Technical Support


      Notes from Customer

      Thursday, May 20, 2010 6:02:47 AM PDT


      Thank you for the response, I haven't had time to check my email until today.  Unfortunately I had already returned the ebook to the
      seller for warranty replacement when I sent my query, so I can't connect it to my computer to deactivate it's subscription.  Is the
      re another way of deactivating the ebook from my authorisations list without having the device physically present?




      Catherine Taylor


      Notes to Customer

      Monday, May 17, 2010 11:54:57 AM PDT
      Hi Catherine,


      Thank you for contacting Adobe Technical Support. My Name is  Abhishek.
      This is in regards to your query posted on the Adobe web support portal
      regarding an issue with Adobe Digital Editions.


      At the outset please accept our gratitude for choosing Adobe.


      Based on the information provided by you, my understanding of your issue
      is that you want to deactivate your faulty E-reader and Digital Editions
      from your unused computers.


      Catherine , I would like to inform you that you do not need to
      De-authorize Digital Editions completely from every device you use, just
      follow the below steps to De-activate extra subscriptions from your
      unused computers and E-reader.


      1. To deactivate E-reader>
      a. Connect your E-reader with computer .
      b. Launch E-reader and press Ctrl+ Shift+E to deactivate it.


      2. To deactivate Digital Editions from computers>
      a. Launch Adobe Digital Editions on the computer you want to
      deactivate .
      b. Press Ctrl+ Shift+ D to deactivate it.


      I believe,This will resolve your query .


      In future, if you face any problems with Adobe Products., You could try
      referring to our knowledge base and User to User forums by clicking on
      the following links:


      Knowledge Base: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/search/index.cfm


      U2U Forums: www.forums.adobe.com


      You can visit our product page at: www.adobe.com/products


      Your technical support case number for this interaction is: 181592641


      Have a nice day.


      PLEASE NOTE: Dear Customer, we will be waiting for your reply on this
      case. In case you are unable to respond we will be sending you a
      reminder on the 2nd day (From the day of our response to you) and then
      the case will be auto closed on 7th day assuming your issue is resolved.
      However, you can reopen your case by visiting our web support portal
      and we will be happy to assist you further.


      Abhishek Maheshwari,
      Adobe Technical Support


      Notes from Customer


      Monday, May 17, 2010 3:22:56 AM PDT

      Hi, I'm new to digital editions and I tried installing and authorizing three PCs and one ebook reader while learning how to use digi

      tal editions (got a bit carried away).

      My ebook reader has a fault and I'm returning it and expect to recieve a new unit soon. My question is how do I go about deactivatin

      g the ebook reader prior to return and can I deactivate the PCs so I can authorize only the PCs I need. I assume without deactivatin

      g something I will run out of activations at some point.

      I suppose if I could de-authorize everything and start again that would be great - assuming I don't lose the rights to the books I h

      ave already purchased.