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    Problems with Input in Mac (Flex 4)


      I am making a web app using Flex 4 (Well, I inherited part of the app and built part myself) and everything is working when the app is run from a PC.  However, when running on a Mac, there is a major issue.  I have comboboxes and textboxes set up for user input, but on a Mac they do not function correclty.  The comboboxes do not populate at all.  The textboxes do not allow input.


      Again, this works properly on a PC using Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Safari.  It  has been run from multiple PCs, all set up differently.  However, the issue comes up when tried from multiple Macs using Safari or Firefox.


      Any ideas on what could be causing this?  I know flex should be platform independent, but the only constant differences between these computers that I can find is the OS.  If anyone has ideas on what it could be other than that, I will gladly listen.