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    Exporting pattern fills to SWF

    secretmantra Level 1

      Hi all,


      We came across an interesting issue at my job.


      We generate images in Illustrator CS3, for use for print and online formats. For some of the online formats, we export SWFs, to use in some interactive Flash files (CS3). When we export images that have a pattern fill, Flash tends to rasterize it upon import, which makes it blurry and awful. We'd like to keep them crisp vectors.


      I have already checked the AI Importer settings in Flash, and those are set to not rasterize images.


      One of our illustrators came up with a workaround, but it is somewhat labor-intensive. It involves expanding the pattern-filled object, making the resulting paths from the pattern into a compound path, and then using the pathfinder palette's intersection between the new compound path and the original outline of the fill.


      It works, but as I said, it's fairly labor-intensive, and we are having to do this to individual fills one at a time, because the operations involved are somewhat fussy. The main area where we are running into this issue is with some grayscale maps, where pattern fills are used as colors for some of the territories.


      1) Is CS5 any better with exporting these kinds of fills to Flash?


      2) Does anyone have a better solution for converting these to SWFs?