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    Exporting .dxf From CS4 Illustrator for Cutting


      I am looking for a way to cleary  Export .dxf files for Cutting (ioline Specifically)

      The problem  first occured when, I installed CS4, (this method was flawless in CS2)

      The  problem I am having is inconsistant, jagged, and incorrect lines when I  load the export from CS4

      Into the Ioline Rip Software.


      Anyone that  is familar with exporting for flatbed or roll cutters that can help me  find a solution to this,

      In the meantime I have to save the file  as .eps then load the file in Corel and export as a .plt from there.

      I  can't stand Corel, so anyway to bypass this process would totally make  my days easier.


      I also have the Latest version of Wasatch, and I heard a  small rumor that I could do my export dirty work in that...?