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    Baz R Level 3

      I am in the middle of building my new system.


      I am having problems with an Areca arc-1680 IX 16 Port.


      Basically the card is running so slow, I have tried varios volumes from 2x hd in raid 0, to 10 raid 0, raid 30 ect. the higest i got is 170 ish mbs. peaks up and down.


      I have tried with HD Tach & HD Tune.


      Motherboard used:


      Asus Z8NA-D6

      HD: Samsung hd103sj

      Windows 7 ultimate.


      I have tried the only 2 available 8x pci-e slots. makes no difference.


      waiting for areca to get back to me.


      this is the second card i am testing this week. So i have 2 cards that cost ££££ and they are useless.


      any sugestions what it could be.