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    Problems opening a CS4 file in CS5

    Cre8ive74 Level 1

      Has anyone else been able to open an Illustrator CS4 file into CS5 that has gradients or used filters?


      If I try to open a file that has a gradient that I created in CS4 into CS5 I get the message "an unkown error has occured" It seems to only happen with documents that use gradients and/or filters.

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          colling_s Level 2

          which filter's or gradients are there in those files, also what are the objects on which the filters \ gradients are applied ?

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            Cre8ive74 Level 1

            The first issue I had was on a letterhead -- was using a gradient fill of blue to white in a box (cheesy I know)


            The second file had a drop shadow around photo frame, maybe .5" x .75" box


            I hope this can be fixed or I just wasted a grand on the updates if I can't work on CS4 files.


            UPDATE -- I tried to cut and paste into a new CS5 document and I get a " file can not be printed" error when pasting. I was able to drag and drop one item, but nothing else. Can't even copy text over.

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              davidmacy Adobe Employee

              Can you open any of the CS4 sample files?

              For example, look in /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS4/Cool Extras/en_us/Sample Files/Sample Art and find a file called Loyal Order of Wormwood. This file contains lots of gradients and effects.

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                Cre8ive74 Level 1

                I can't open the Loyal Order file or any of them. Are you able to open those in CS5?


                UPDATE: I give up -- went to the CS5 sample art folder -- the Loyal order was there as well, still won't open. So I just quit the program and restart, now everything opens fine -- will see how many I can get before I get the error message.

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                  davidmacy Adobe Employee

                  Yes, I can open those files in CS5.

                  Can you please post details of your computer configuration? Thanks.

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                    Cre8ive74 Level 1

                    I'm running a Mac Pro1, 1 -- Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz with 11 GB of memory


                    running 10.6.3, I have about 9 gigs on my main hard drive open, plus another 3 terrerabyte drives in bays


                    Font software is Fontagent pro

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                      davidmacy Adobe Employee

                      OK, this is just a shot in the dark but that's all I've got at the moment. Given that your main disk is probably at least a couple hundred gigs, 9 gigs free is not much. I think that the built in OSX defragmentation routines can have trouble when you get below about 20% free space. So, my suggestion is to try uninstalling CS5 and reinstalling on one of the bigger drives or free up a lot of space on your main drive and reinstall there. Please let us know if this works or if you're still stuck.

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                        Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                        You need more room on your start up disk. You have to move as many files as you can off that disk onto another disk.


                        You might even consider getting a bigger and faster disks. They now have disks with 64MB cache that are 2TB in size.


                        Most important is that you assign another disk as your scratch other than the start up disk.


                        Your start up disk is a good one for sure since it is still functioning with only 9 GB of free space.


                        Just in case you think that you are supposed to fill one disk entirely up and then move on to the next disk, that is not quite the case.


                        Also if the startup disk case with your Mac Pro it has another problem with today systems, in that i has a 8 MB cache and today they recently introduced hard drives with 64 MB cache. When I change to disk with 16 MB cache things really sped up and then when I added disk with 32 MB it really sped up. So you might want to replace your start up disk and partition it on partition for your system and software  and the other for for certain types of files and use your other space on the other drives as storage for your files such as ai, psd, tiffs and the like.


                        I use two disk that I configured as a internal RAID 0 as a scratch and that has worked fine I also happen to use it to store some files and Illustrator CS 5 works very well that way.


                        I hope some of this is helpful to you.


                        BTW I have a very similar configuration as yours except I have close to 380 GB of free space on my start up disk and the fie i question opens in no time without any problems. After copying and pasting a whole bunch of stuff in the file and resaving it still opens fine.

                        I think the general rule is to leave about 10-20% free space on a disk then move on to another disk.