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    Dvd Project is 'jittery'?




      I recently took a video of a friends wedding and was beginning to finish it into a DVD.


      Here are the specs of my setup.


      Adobe Master Collection CS3 Corporate (including Premiere Pro, Encore, and Photoshop Extended)

      Windows XP Professional SP2

      2.00 GB RAM






      The camera records the footage on 30 minute mini dvds. I used a program called Handbrake to 'rip' the footage onto the computer in m4v format. I then imported these files into my Premiere project. I put them into he timeline with some transitions and images with text on them to denote the ceremony, reception, etc... This all went fine.


      I then exported the project into Encore. It rendered the project (about 95,000 frames) and took about half an hour. When I got it into Encore, I built my menu using Photoshop to edit certain things. I rendered the menu and previewed it and everything seemed fine. The problem came when I actually burned it to dvd. I burned it as a dvd disc, and the write speed was 20x. When I played the disc in a dvd player, the video was jittery.


      Its hard to describe, but anytime something moved, like someones arm, or the camera would pan, the part that was changing, would be almost like a single frame at a time. Picture a strobe light flashing on the video very fast. It actually gives you a headache. Its almost like when you play a movie frame by frame, but realy fast. It's not smooth at all.


      Also, another thing is, on my transitions, which are all cross disolves, it's not very smooth. It kinda skips through it, and will even flash a solid green frame, for about half a second.


      To investigate, I went back to my original Premiere project. I played through the transitions, but they were kinda rough. I then learned that you can actually render small portions of the project. I did this and at one transition in particular, it would go 'static-y', a couple of seconds before the transiton.



      I have no Idea what the problems are with this, but any help will be greatly appreciated.


      If anybody needs any more information, I will be glad to get it for you as soon as possible.







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          The first strike against you is the camera - the miniDVD will have been Transcoded to MPEG-2 to begin with. I do not know how Handbrake handles the conversion, but I would look at Importing the VOB's from the miniDVD discs. If they are 100% DVD compliant, they should Import fine. That takes the conversion out of the mix, but will NOT recoup the quality already lost by that first MPEG-2 compression.


          Next, you will be re-Transcoding to MPEG-2 either in PrPro/AME, or in Encore. That does not help.


          Then, to get the best possible DVD disc, I would first pick either Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden blank media. What brand did you use? Drop the burn speed down to at least half of the max.


          That will be about the best that you can do.


          Good luck,



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            For a bit of background on VOB's, such as you will have on the miniDVD's, this ARTICLE might be useful.


            For blank media info, this ARTICLE might offer some tips.


            Good luck,



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              Thanks for your quick reply.


              I will look into the VOB's as this sounds much better, and I have another video to do. Thanks for the link to the information.


              I actually do use Verbatim DVDs. Sometimes I use DiscMakers Premium(?), but on this particular project I have only used Verbatim.


              If I remember right, when I 'built' the dvd, the only option for write speed was 20x. Could this be correct?


              I forgot to mention this, but when I previewed the video in Encore, it played just fine. The transition may have been a hair shaky, but nothing I couldn't live with. But there was no 'jitter'. The only place that there was jitter in the entire project, was when I actually burned the DVD. I don't know if this means anything different but....




              Thanks for your help,


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                If I remember right, when I 'built' the dvd, the only option for write speed was 20x. Could this be correct?


                Unless things have changed drastically in later versions, there should be a drop-down, that will allow you to choose something in the 4x/8x range.


                Good luck,