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    Flash CS3 Compiler in Strict Mode errors out 1120: Access of undefined property

    Elizabeth Worsley Level 1


      I am following a code example in a book and have the final fla and as files, so I know the project works when fully coded.


      This is my problem:

      In the book, it tells me I can test the movie to make sure that it is working so far. When I do that, I get the error 1120: Access of undefined property.

      The "property" is a component instance. If I take the example completed code and remove everything up to the point I am at, I receive the same errors, so I know it's not a spelling/syntax mistake.


      I have a feeling it is the Compiler in Strict Mode. But, when I change it to Standard Mode, then I get error 5001: The name of package 'com.foundastionAS3.ch12' does not reflect the location of this file. etc.


      So, in the end, I feel if I can't check my code until everything is completely finished, how do I check it as I am working?


      Can someone help?



      note:: attached is a file of the compiler when it gives me multiple 1120s.compiler_1120.png