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    Multiple displays bug still not fixed in CS5?


      I reported a bug back when Fireworks CS4 first came out and it looks like it was never fixed.


      I use 2 monitors and usually have the main application on one and stuff like the Layers/Pages/States panel on the other. My secondary display is to the left of my main display if that matters. When I have the Layers panel in that secondary display the menu in the top right corner of the panel (New Layer..., New Sub Layer... etc) appears all the way on the right edge of the main display.


      It appears to move up and down depending on the position of the panel in the secondary display but it's always on the right edge of the other display, making it sort of unusable in that configuration.


      This bug does not exist in CS3 so I imagine it was introduced when the work was done to match the FW UI to the other Adobe apps. I know a lot of designers who use 2 monitors so I'm kinda surprised there aren't more people complaining about this. Is it possible there's something with my particular set up that could be causing this?