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    How to move to Photoshop Elements and new computer


      Hi, I've been using Photoshop Elements for several years, but am new to the forum.  I recently got a new Windows 7 computer and moved all my files, including photos, using a Windows 7 migration cable. I was using Photoshop Elements 6 on my old Windows XP computer and want to upgrade to Photoshop Elements 8 on the new computer.  How do I get my catalog into PE8?  Based on what I'm seeing in the posts on this forum, I'm thinking that I've gone about this the wrong way.  It looks like maybe I should delete my photo files from the new computer, then install PE8 on the old computer, do a backup in PE8, and restore the backup on the new computer in PE8. Does this make sense, or can someone suggest a better way to do this?  Thanks for your help.