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    Will Reader Extensions solve this? (sorry for stupid question)

    Bill95722 Level 1

      I have been trying to figure out just what RE does but my small brain doesn't seem up to it. Here is my situation:


      I have no server. I have a form created using LS that is distributed to 50 end-users using Acrobat Reader. These users will fill in the form, save it, possibly print it, and email the filled-inform.


      The form requires a sort of database containing multiple names and addresses. The names are used to populate a drop-down list contained in a repeatable subform. Each time a new instance of the subform is created, the dropdown is populated with the list of names for selection. Selection of a name causes the address information to be automatically populated into the subform.


      My solution so far is to have another repeatable subform (1 to n instances) containing the name/address information. The administrator enters the name/adress information (1 per subform instance), then saves the form, then emails it to the end users. Each time the name/address info changes, a new version of the form is distributed - the end user never updates this info.


      It would be handy to maintain the name/address info in a spreadsheet instead. This would allow easier maintenance of the data (copying, sorting, etc). My understanding is I can't use a data connection to the excel spreadsheet because of rights management on strictly local forms. Is this understanding correct?


      I want to distribute the form and an excel spreadsheet in order to be able to update the form and the data independently.


      It seems like RE may answer this problem? Is this correct?


      Thanks to all for any advice and information!

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          pguerett Level 6

          Reader Extensions will allow you to turn on features in Reader on a form by form basis. By default Reader woudl not have the functionality in question. There are two versions of Reader Extensions. The one you use inside of Acrobat will allow you to add the right to save a PDF locally, add a digital signature and add commenting. The Acrobat version also has a license that will only allow you to distribute the Reader Extended form a max of 500 users.


          The other version is a server based product and is a module inside of the LiveCycle server. It has all of the functionality mentioned above as well as the ability for the form to connect to external sources (like a DB or a web service). It supports other extensions but you have not mentioned those so I have concentrated on the ones you need.


          Note that you only need to Reader Extend the form once (before you distribute it).


          So to accomplish what you want you will need the server version.


          Hope that helps



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            Bill95722 Level 1

            Paul, thanks as always for your assistance. Seems like I can't be the only one needing this sort of 'standalone' data access. Can you advise an alternative strategy allowing the data and the form to be maintained individually? Tthanks again

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              pguerett Level 6

              There are not many options ....


              1. Reader Extensions as discussed earlier (this woudl allow ADO or Web Service access). Note that it might be more economical and easier to buy Acrobat for all of the users instead of Reader Extending a form.

              2. Server based programs that retrieve the data and then merge the data and template together then deliver the completed package.

              3. Hardcode the values into the form so no external data source is required.