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    PRE 8.0 Just looking for a way to delete titles


      I have just started using PRE 8.0 and was adding titles yesturday, having learned it in an online adobe tutorial. However I could not find the delete button to remove the title once created. I was dragging different titles from the title menu onto the preview screen and playing with them a lttle bit. I noticed the little red line appearing down in the timeline representing the added title, but could not delete it again. i tried just looking for a delete button or a trashcan. i search all the menus around that screen. i tried highlighting and pressing keyboard delete. i tried right clicking the title in the preview pane and looking for a delete options. I would be glad to be glad to solve this little technique?? Other than that happy with its performance on my new Sony Vaio. I would also be keen to be pointed to a online tutorial to goes slowly though how to make a simple video