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    H.264 Blu-Ray Codec


      Premiere Pro CS4 is not rendering H.264 Blu-ray videos correctly on my computer. I can save H.264 videos fine, it saves as an MP4, but when I try and do the higher quality one, it gives me a couple different files: An m4v, a wav, an xmpses, and an md0 file. I'm assuming these all should have come together after rendering, but they did not. Anyone know what's going on?

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          QMurphy64 Level 1

          Okay, I've given up on m4v, and decided to save it as an AVCHD (m2t) file, as that uploads to YouTube fine and is just as good of quality.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Anyone know what's going on?


            It is likely here, that you have not set Multiplexing. That is why you are getting the elemental/elementary streams. Check the Multiplexing tab, and choose anything but None.


            Good luck,



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              Pijetro Level 1

              YOu have me confused...


              Is it BluRay, or Youtube you're looking for?

              If you're looking to create an H264, then don't go to the Bluray setting, but go to the generic H.264 button, and flydown to the YouTube settings..Whether widescreen or standard...


              It's easy as cake..Personally, i like to keep the HD encodes no more than 3000kbps. I've noticed that the YouTube videos are being streamed at 785kbps anyways...


              I believe you're making it harder than need to be..