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    make "nextFrame();" open at top of page  AS2  CS3

    Steve Zeeeee Level 1

      I have a four frame slide show. The content of each frame is a different hieght.  That's ok, I want it that way.

      Folks can scroll down. Of course, I had to make the page properties big enough for the biggest content.

      Problem is, when you go "back" or "forward", the next frame does NOT load at the top.  It loads at your current scroll point.

      How can I resolve that, like Dreamweaver, where you would put in an anchor point for link. Is the answer in

      "publish settings"?  Have tried a lot, no success.  No complicated script please.


      Mac osx.6.3

      Flash CS3

      AS 2.o


      on (release) {