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    Re: Pr CS5 Trial Limitations (No MPG, AVCHD)


      Thank God someone is out there that is familiar with "the no MPEG" support in Adobe Premiere CS5 and the error "error decompressing audio and or video" from the CS5 media browser when selecting the video mpg file.


      This "no mpeg" support cost me 4 hours of trying to figure out what was wrong.   At least I know now.


      Next simple question:


      What is the best camera (make and Model) to buy that IS supported 100% with the trial version CS5?


      What is the best camera to buy that IS supported 100% with the "buy" version?


      I do not want to know what formats are supported because clearly the MPEG type is not standardized and I am not sure that if I buy the Adobe Premeire CS5 version that its codec will work with the current Panasonic camera I have (that I just purchased)


      I am looking to spend around $350 dollars for a video camera - not a FLIP either.  Clearly my Panasonic SDR-H85P/PC will not do the trick as I have not been able to get it to work with the trial version of CS5.  I need to return that camera and buy a video camera (that can be mounted on a tripod).  I would prefer a non-HD format as I don't need that for the internet.   


      Can anyone, anyone, anyone please  tell me simply what cameras ARE proven to work "plug and play" with Adobe Premiere CS5 so that I can just shoot and then edit with Premiere CS5 - I have spent enough time trying to figure all this out.  


      This is really frustrating.


      Your advice is deeply appreciated.