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    Making A Row Of Thumbnails The Same Size As The Screen Monitor No Matter What Montior You Use


      I am making a website and am trying to get the row of thumbnails/cells (which contain 5 thumbnails across each set in a cell) to be the same length as the screen monitor so that you do not have to scroll horizontally across to see more cells/thumbnails in the table.


      Here is the thing.  When I first started making tables, I was making actual pixels to fit MY screen size, but then I found when I looked at the website on another computer the tables came out different sizes (because of different size monitors I assume).  So, I changed the tables from pixels to 100% and that seemed to do the trick.  Whatever computer I pulled the website up on, the tables extend perfectly across the monitor screen to its fullest extent and without having to scroll horizontally.


      The next part of the website involved adding thumbnails of images.  So I made a table 6 rows across by 5 columns down.  And I put a thumbnail in each cell, so that 5 thumbnails went across the row.  I also set the table width to 100% just like I previously did for my heading table.  When I tested it on a laptop computer it seemed perfectly fine and the 5 cells in the row extended across exactly to the length of the monitor.  But, then when I opened it up on a desktop computer, I had a problem.  What you see is 4 of the columns on the monitor and then the fifth column is further to the right off the screen, which makes you have to move a horizontal scroll bar to see the fifth column.  This table is also not flush with the heading table either obviously, although I have both set to 100%.


      I don't know if my problem has to do with the table I made or the image sizes in Photoshop.  In photoshop after I had scanned the image I went to "Image Size" and reduced the "document size" width to 1.5 cm to make the image come out a lot smaller.  Should I be doing something different in Photoshop when changing the "Image Size"? Maybe saving it as a different measurement (choices are percent, inches, cm, mm, points, picas, columns)?  Or, do I need to change something with my table/cells?


      Anyone know?




      P.S. I will post this in Dreamweaver and Photoshop, to get a little more help.