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    PSE 7 log in error 400.


      I am not able to sign into my photoshop account from the photoshop elements 7 home screen. I keep my photos on 2 seperate computers and I need them to remain in sync with each other. I am able to sign on to my account on one computer without any problems but on my second computer I am getting an error that says photoshop.com services are currently unavailable. Check your network settings or try to log on at a later time. Error 400. It had been working on both computers without any problems until recently and I don't think that I have changed any settins on my computer.


      Has this happened to anyone else? How do you fix this? Please help!

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          xpertpse Level 3

          I think there was an update recently for PSE7. Did you install the update recently. After this update the PS.com login would not work untill you upgrade to PSE 7.0.3.


          Use this info to upgrade: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/841/cpsid_84110.html


          If you have already upgraded you PSE7, try login into browser on www.photoshop.com and see whether you are able to login or not.



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            sla32b05 Level 1

            That did not work. I went to the organizer / help / updates... and got a

            message that says. The update server is not responding, which means it might

            be offline at the moment, or the Internet or firewall settings may be

            incorrect. Please try again later.


            I tried going to product updates under photoshop elements for windows. Under

            version 7.0, I clicked on Adobe photoshop elements 7.0.3 update 4/27/2010. I

            went through that and it said that the product had been successfully

            updated. I tried logging on again after restarting my computer but i

            continue to get the same error.


            I can't log into my account. Is there anything else you can suggest?

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              xpertpse Level 3

              Since your product is upgraded to 7.0.3, the problem seems to be something else.

              Are you able to login to www.photoshop.com on the same computer?

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                Elements User Level 3

                I am not sure if 7.0.3 is applied on your machine or not.


                400 error comes when a bad request is made which could be dew to older version of PSe which is not yet updated...


                As you mentioned Updater is also not working on your machine, Try the other method of downloading the update from Adobe.com and apply it. It should solve the problem.


                By any chance, do you use any proxy?

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                  Elements User Level 3

                  I more thing I would like to know?


                  Try exploring https://www.aircanada.com/ in your browser. Does it ask for permissions before showing up something?