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    Why does Robohelp want to edit the rhextdocauxdata.apj file?

    tschuman Level 1

      We have a group of five writers working on a single Help project. Whenever one particular writer works on the Help project, RoboHelp asks to edit the rhextdocauxdata.apj file (it returns the message, To execute the selected action, the files in the list below need to be writable). This does not happen to any of the other writers working on the same project. Does anyone know whey Robohelp would want this particular writer to update this file? We are on Robohelp 8. The source files are in TFS, but we have not integrated RoboHelp with TFS--we check files out before editing in RoboHelp.


      We don't have any links to Frame documents, which is what I think this file tracks, and the file is empty:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <rhpml majorversion="3" minorversion="0">


      Thanks for any responses,

      Tim Schuman

      Advent Software, Inc.