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    Context-sensitivity, Robohelp and .NET


      Our product is mostly coded in C++, with newer modules in .NET. When we connect the context sensitivity for the C++ portion, we use Map IDs.

      For .NET portion, we don't have map IDs, only string values.

      My developers are wondering if for the .NET portions, we can use HIDD_<> string that maps to an ID which maps to a Topic. If we can use that instead our .NET control name (example: "DriftView") it would help them avoid having to maintain the Control Name to ID mapping.


      I think we can still assign a [fake] id for sake of consistency, but in short if RH can be driven by the HIDD_<> string, then we probably have a workaround for .NET Apps whose dialog/control names are strings (and not ids).

      Does anyone have a similar issue that they have solved, and can you give us some guidance?



      Tim Schuman

      Advent Software, Inc.