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    Inconsistent event behavior

    Yelnats1 Level 1

      Can anyone reproduce this bug?


      1. Select File->Open... select two Photoshop documents, and press "Open"

      2. Select File->Scripts->Script Events Manager...

      Change the Photoshop Event drop-down to "Everything" and the script to "Welcome"

      Press "Add", then "Done" then press "OK" on the Script Alert box.

      3. Click the Tab or Title Bar of the inactive document.


      Results: Nothing happens

      Expected Results: Photoshop should trigger an event when switching documents, and the Script Event dialog box should pop-up. 

      Switching back to the first document will trigger an event, and switching to the secend document again will trigger an event.



      I made a panel that gives information about the current selected document, but this bug makes it unreliable.

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          Michael L Hale Level 5

          I had a similar problem though my panel deals with the selected layer. Sometimes the selected layer changed without any of the event handlers I set up being called. I ended up adding an 'update panel' button to the panel so the user could update the panel instead of switching back and forth between layers until an event handler was called.

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            Yelnats1 Level 1

            In testing this bug, I noticed that if I run a script on opening a document, all documents will be cycled through when opening multiple files at once.  This will work, but is not optimal.

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              habaki1 Level 1

              Hello !


              I don't have this behavior with CS4.

              Opening several docs then defining the notifier for all events, then selecting an inactive document: the script is called on a "select" event. 


              When the notifier is already defined, the open command of several docs raises the good number of "open" events, but only the first has some arguments (file path) and the next have not ??.