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    How much FP memory available to  load/run sub-app?

    ilya_k Level 1

      Hi all,


      my application loads sub-apps at run time. The usual work is user click action button load sub-app swf, perform

      whatever he need to perform and close it. On closing event main app unload sub-app and remove it from display list

      so memory occupied by sub-app will be returned to the pool. However sometimes user want to  load

      several sub-app at same time. So, main app has to track available FP memory at least for rough estimate.

      I believe System.totalMemory() returns total memory used by all Flash apps running in this browser.

      But I seems can't  find a way to get total memory FP allocates in order to compute available memory.


      I understand that this technique of available memory computation does not work well or sometimes does

      not work at all. But maybe someone run into similar issue and gave a deep thought to it based on some

      kind of heuristic approach.