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    localization problem

      I'm working on a RH project that is being tranlated into four languages: French, Italian, Spanish and German. I'm using RH x5.
      I have two problems and they might be connected, but I'm not sure. Any help would be highly appreciated.

      1.I read in the Help file that RH supports these languages. However when I try to change the language in the Project Setting some of the languages don't exist in my version. The list of languages in my version is: Dansk, Deutsch, English, Norsk, Italiano, Nederlands, and Svenska.
      So, my first quetions is how do I get support for French and Spanish and ? Does it have to do with the RH version?

      2.The other issue is that for the in the TOC for the French project I'm having trouble seeing some French characters with accents correctly. I either get different characters or question marks. How do I fix this?