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    2 project settings questions

    Gonzchi Level 1

      Hello again


      Still experimenting with PrE8 trial version. This is my first experience with a video editor so learning all from scratch. I have a couple of questions regarding the project setting you need to chose when you create a new project. I understand these settings define the "working" enviroment for the editing process - in other words the resolution and all the other characteristics (format, frame rate, etc) that the project will use


      1) I have a camera that´s 1920x1080 30p (progressive) , the GoPro HD. When I look in the new project presets, all 1920 x 1080 presets available seem to be specifically designed for interlaced video. This is indicated by the names of the presets, and by their descriptions as well.  There is only 1 progressive preset, of a lower resolution (720p)

      Nevertheless, I tried using the HD 1080i preset, loaded some 1920x1080 progressive mp4 files, and apparently it works perfectly well. In fact when I go to edit>project settings>general window,  the project attributes indicate progressive video !!!


      Is there really any difference (or specific requirement)  in a project preset for interlaced vs progressive video? ( I am beginning to suspect that there is really no difference,  and that the coding ( i vs p) does not really form part of the project settings, and that the project will take both forms of input media)

      any thoughts on this?



      2) The GoPro has a non-standard resolution mode, HD with 4:3 aspect ratio : 1280x960 30p

      There is no project setting preset that will match this, how can I create one myself ?


      The PrE help says this is possible, but I can't find how. ( Edit>project settings will not let me change the resolution)


      from the help

      If your source footage requires a custom project preset, you can create one. The procedure for creating a preset differs if you’re changing settings for an open project versus establishing settings for a new project. Presets you create can be applied to new projects, and if you want to back up or distribute  preset files, you can find them in the Settings subfolder of the  Adobe Premiere Elements folder on your hard disk.

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/PremiereElements/8.0/Win/Using/WS09e4b3c48f3a79fc19b622510385d 4355c-7fde.html


      Again thanks so much for your time and your help ,  much appreciated.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately you will not be able to use the video from those "sports" camcorders directly in Premiere Elements. It's just not compatible with the program.



          As you can see from this FAQ, there are three options for converting the video:


          1) Convert it a DV-AVI using MPEG Streamclip. It's a free program, but the DV-AVI it outputs will not be hi-def. It will be standard video, but it will be editable in Premiere Elements.


          2) Convert it to a standard def DV-AVI using Quicktime Pro, a $29 download from Apple.com,and edit in Premiere Elements.


          3) Use Quicktime Pro to do your editing. The video will remain a high-def MP4.


          The best solution, of course, is if the camcorder itself comes with its own editing software. That's software you KNOW will work with the camcorder's footage.


          But, short of that, you'll need to use one of the hybrid solutions above. But you will not be able to edit the footage directly in Premiere Elements. Sorry.

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            Gonzchi Level 1

            Thanks Steve


            As I said in 1) , the camera also has a standard 1920x1080 30p mode.

            FYI, if I select the HD 1920x1080i preset, it does work OK.  I can edit, export, etc with no problems.

            (That the preset is labeled as interlaced, seems to be irrelevant.  Or so it appears)




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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Glad to hear that there is a way to make these two pieces interface, Gonza.


              Many non-tape camcorders use codecs that are beyond what Premiere Elements is capable of working with.


              Happy moviemaking!