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    as3 help passing movie clips via functions

    zibber Level 1
      Hi All

      I wondered if someone would be kind enough to remove my code below. Bascially what im trying to achive is to create an thumbnail image display. However, I am getitng a little stuck in how to do things in as3. Bascially what i would like ot be bale to do is:

      1. load data from xml
      2. load images in
      3. display images in colums and rows
      4. the holy grail - make this a liquid layout so as lightbox ges bigger the max colums and rows get bigger and the thumbnails redraw themselves.

      Now i have pretty much got the first threee done, but im not sure if my flow/structure is sound. The one thing i really cant get my head around is passing movieclips across functions. I.e say i want to set up a stage listener for resize, that then resizes the rlevant clips. How do i pass that data in to the liquid function? Any help on this would be great, nb th ecode has some addiotnal variables that arent used yet, as i try and work out best way to the liquid stuff:|

      man thx in advance