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    Screen goes black for 3 seconds in premiere CS5 every time I click


      This is the first time I run Premiere CS5... On a fresh system install.


      I suspect it's not playing well with my video card, a Radeon HD 4870 with 1GB Ram... Very standard stuff.  I am running window 7 64 bit with 12 gb RAM, a week old build. I have all the updates and latest drivers, sigh. After Effects CS5 runs fine, Maya 2010 runs fine, Quicktime runs fine... What gives.


      Here's what happens: I only need to launch Premiere, right away I get the problem. The screen goes black 3 seconds before the prompt to create a new project. Once I create the project, the application workspace comes in, but if I click any menu, drag a tool window (whatever they are called), the screen goes black 3 seconds then comes back. Its basically impossible to work...Huge drag.





      The problem stopped after I went into the 'device settings' in preferences and set the device to 'none'....When I clicked on the device settings panel, my monitor went black, and there was a 'no signal' warning that came up, as if the DVI-D  signal was dead. I was able to restore the signal by hitting ctrl-alt-del which switched me out of Premiere onto the desktop. Clearly, there is some issue with video. I switched back into Premiere and was able then to set to no devices.


      I'm not doing any capture at the moment, but I can only pray that it's some sort of bug related to not having a device connected? I plan on bringing footage from a RED in the next month. I upgraded to CS5 specifically so that I could use more than 4 gigs of RAM and for the new features.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I suspect there is a setup problem somewhere.


          Run the PPBM4 Benchmark and send your results to Bill, and possibly to me as well by PM. That will show if there are any problems with your setup and how well tuned your system is in relation to other systems.

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            raphaelP Level 1

            THank you for sending this.


            I followed the benchmark directions, and I get an error at the final step

            when I run the script:


            line 99

            Error: path not found


            I tried for an hour different things, namely to re run the whole test

            procedure, deleting the output files, etc... he script is looking for

            something in the preview files that it is not finding. I think the procedure

            was written for a previous version, because the metadata settings are

            different in my version of AME, and I don't know how much that affects it.

            Also, AME increments the file names when it renders them so that I did not

            get the right output file names at the first render. I had to turn off

            incrementing and manually name each clip before rendering. The vb scricpt

            looks for these names, so I understand it is important. I can't figure out,

            however, what the script is looking for in the preview folder and not



            After spending almost two hours trying to troubleshoot the script, I gave

            up. I can tell you tho that it takes about 6-7 minutes on my box to encode

            all the videos.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Delete all the benchmark??.AVI / M2V / XMP and XMPSES files from the PPBM directory. Then navigate to the Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files\Benchmark.PRV directory, press CTRL+A to select all files and press SHIFT+DEL to delete them all.


              The open PR, skip previews, and render the timeline. Close PR and start AME and contruct the queue. Pay attention to the file names, each range should start with Benchmark.AVI or Benchmark.M2V and continue to Benchmark_10.AVI and Benchmark_10.M2V. Before starting the queue, make sure that you have the settings correct, use previews for AVI only, and no previews for the M2V files.


              After finshing, navigate to the PPBM folder, select Copy address and on the first two questions in Statistics.vbs, use Paste to copy the address, then fill in the rest of the questions.

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                raphaelP Level 1

                I followed your steps and see what I did wrong the first time, I was

                pointing the preview results to the wrong directory.


                Here is the output file, I also sent it to ppbm as you instructed. Thank you

                very much for your guidance.