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    Questions about Frameset, please help


      I am a beginner with Dreamweaver 8.


      When I start my first website, I made a new html file index.html and build the frame (top, side and main).

      Once I saved it, it saved to UntitledFrameset 1,2 and 14. Then I put the content in it.

      However, I can only see the whole frameset with content in the UntitledFramset 14 file only.

      In the file index.html, it shows only the content without the frameset.

      If I rename UntitledFramset 14 to index.html or default, main.html, it generates error.


      Could anyone help how I can have the first page with the frameset and content with the proper file name such as index.html, default or main.html?


      Many thanks,