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    tooltip on date of datechooser control


      hi to all friends out there. I am stuck in my application where i need to show some information  on tooltip corresponding some dates in choosercontrol.I am unable to  figure out how i acheive this.I want to fire mouse over event on date of datechooser control.


      Please tell me how i can do that. Your every help is comnedable.


      Thank you

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          TanweerHq Level 2

                      private var lastDate:String = "";
                      private function onMouseMove(e:MouseEvent):void {
                          if(e.target.className == "UITextField"){
                              if(lastDate != e.target.text){
                                  e.target.toolTip = "This is " + e.target.text + " date";
                              lastDate = e.target.text;


          This should work for you.


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