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    Import multiple Articulate Engage interactions to a single CP4 project




      This question is about importing Articulate Engage interactions into a CP4 project. I have searched the forum and can't find a specific answer to this. Any feedback would be really helpful.


      -> I already know how to import 1 single Engage interaction into CP4, insert as an animation onto a slide, and have it play perfectly in published SWF output.


      My issue is: How do have multiple Engage interactions in the one CP4 project, when Engage always gives the published Engage interaction and all its supporting files/folders the same file name (I.e. "engage.swf" file and "engage_content folder"?


      If, for eg I want ot have 3 Engage interactions in the CP4 project, is it ok to just rename each published Engage interaction differently, prior to inserting the interaction as an animation to the CP4 slide?


      Does anyone know if this will work, or if there is another solution?


      Thanks in advance!