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    All templates not showing in Assets

    VL Branko Level 2


      I searched this forum and the web but could not find an answer.


      I am converting a site from Go Live CS2 to DW CS4.

      There are two templates one just for the forms and the other for the rest of the pages.

      When I first imported the site I could see both templates listed in Assets. But I must have done something (wrong) because now I do not see a list of the templates but rather an image of the form template in design mode in the assets pane.

      What should I do to see the list all templates in assets?

      Thank you.

      VL Branko

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In your Files panel, click on the TEMPLATES folder:


          - TEMPLATES






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            VL Branko Level 2

            Thanks Nancy but that didn't really solve my problem.


            However, it did force me to go and read the PDF help file and do a search on "Assets panel" and on page 117-118 it discusses the assets "pre-view" mode. All my assets (images, library and templates) were in preview mode but I could only see the first asset in the list and no others. But then I read:

            "Resize the preview area
            ❖Drag the splitter bar (between the preview area and the list of assets) up or down"

            When I moused over the bottom area the "splitter bar" revealed itself, and when I pulled it up - voila - all the assets manifested themselves. Somehow I had managed to pull the preview area all the way to the bottom and then forgot that I had done that and then wondered where all my assets had gone to. So now the problem is solved. I can see that it will take a while to get used to working with Dreamweaver.