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    Generate SWF in runtime

    TanweerHq Level 2



      Can any one tell me what exactly will be sent to mobile phones from http://www.mobidoki.com/moods/ when we click on "Send" button. I guess its swf, but how to create SWF in runtime? Is anyone having some idea?


      Thanks in Advance


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          Ratsnackbar Level 2

          There is a compiler available for Apache that works similar to the way that Flex 1.0 and 1.5 functioned.  Also ColdFusion

          has one built in which it uses for compiling flash forms on the fly.  So it is possible to do and you can perform some real cool tricks with it if you know how.


          So yes it can be done.  I think it's called the "Web Tier Compiler" but not sure now that Flex 4 is released.