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    Cafe Problems

    Iakov Qvaz Level 1

      1,  I have deleted feeds several times, but they are restored every time I restart Cafe.  Several times.


      2.  Cafe 1.55 (and earlier versions) is very slooow on OS X 10.6.3 with 4GB RAM


      (1) is a major, major problem.

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          meaman Adobe Employee

          Thank you for your feedback. It looks like you have uncovered a bug with the RSS Reader. We will investigate and get back to you soon.

          Regarding the speed: could it be a slow internet connection? most of the data in Café is pulled from the web.

          Best regards,

          Marc Eaman

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            meaman Adobe Employee


            We've fixed this now. When a user deletes a feed, this is remembered so that it doesn't get overridden by the config file on the server. The config file is the XML that lists what feeds should always appear in the RSS plugin.

            Thanks again!


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              Iakov Qvaz Level 1

              The feeds I just unsubscribed returned before I exited Cafe.  I unsubscribed again,  then exited and upon return, the feeds were restored.  I right-click the feed, then select Unsubscribe from the menu.


              No, I am not on a slow internet connection.  I am able to watch live sports and surf at good speed.  Cafe is veeeerry sloooow when the application is first opened.  It takes a good 15 or more minutes for response time to improve.  It's always been sloooOoowwww.  This text I am typing ia a good 5+ seconds ahead of the screen display.  The same sloooowww response for scrolling;  clicking a button;  whatever.




              OS X 10.6.3,  4GB RAM, 210GB free disk space,  broadband connection,  dual-core CPU