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    Force placement of code in output .htm file

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      RH8 HTML.


      Hi all,

      I'm having an issue with code being moved after it is generated by RH.


      currently, I'm trying to setup sticky footers using CSS. It works, in IE and FF, the only thing is that when I publish, RH is adding the code for the breadcrumb trail, my <div> declaration has to come before this section of code between it and the <body> tag, in RH the code is written like this, but when it generates, the <div> is pushed down after the breadcrumb, this sets off a vertical scrollbar - looks terrible - though its not an issue on a page that has a lot of content, for short pages it aint perfect. As soon as I move that <div> tag, everything drops into line and works how it should.


      what I would like is to have that <div> tag stay right after the body and not be moved by the breadcrumb code.





      <div id="wrap">  <-- this gets moved to below the breadcrumb script

      <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript1.2">//<![CDATA[
      if (window.gbWhTopic)
          var strUrl = document.location.href;
          var bc = 0;
          var n = strUrl.toLowerCase().indexOf("bc-");
          if(n != -1)
              document.location.href = strUrl.substring(0, n);
              bc = strUrl.substring(n+3);


          if (window.addTocInfo)


          if (window.writeBtnStyle)


          if (window.writeIntopicBar)