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    Confusion with exitLock and on closeRequest with MIAW’s…

    Applied CD Level 1
      I’ve got an MIAW that may be expanded to full screen (covering the stage). If the MIAW is full screen, pressing ESC should restore the window to the original size and location, if the MIAW is already at normal size the application should quit.

      The question is who gets the closeRequest event when a MIAW is open? I’ve found that a closeRequest handler in the stage cast never gets executed if a MIAW is open. Putting the handler in the MIAW cast works, but it looks like the event is passed to the stage as well, because what happens is my MIAW is restored to the original size, then the app quits, all on one click of ESC. I’ve got exitLocks all over the place trying prevent this but so far no luck. Does anyone have a clear explanation on how the closeRequest handler and exitLock properties work when a MIAW is open?