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    Installation Failed?


      Hi there,


      I saw the movie on this and I specificly liked the multiscreen part of this, so I wanted to have this. so I downloaded it, installed it into the Extension Manager CS5 who told me everything was alright. Than I startup Dreamweaver CS5, open up an css-styled website of mine, and I expected the mutliscreen option in the Document panel. Except I do not see it, I even don't see it inside File --> Multiscreen Preview and not even in Windows --> Multiscreen Preview, and that while the extension manager says it installed just fine??? What did go or were did I go wrong?

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          Can you launch Extension Manager CS5 and see if 'Dreamweaver HTML5 Pack" is listed in it and is enabled?

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            m.houben Level 1

            Yes, it's listed inside the Dreamweaver CS5 folder in the Extension Manager CS5 and yes it's active... the checkmark is filled cq. enabled.


            More specificly inside the Extension Manager CS5:

            The ckeckmark is checked/enabled, the extension is called "Dreamweaver HTML5 Pack" Version: "1.0.0" Author: "Adobe Systems, Inc." So nothing wrong there I suppose... I only can't see it working in Dreamweaver CS5...


            PS: Also HTML5 and CSS3 support doesn't seem to work in my Dreamweaver CS5, the whole package, which is flagged oke by the extension manager, isn't working in Dreadmwaver CS5 in my case...

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              m.houben Level 1

              No one here with a solution? I could uninstall Dreamweaver and install it again, but that takes time, so I first would like to try some other suggestions...

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                Nancy Gill Level 1

                When you first open Dreamweaver CS5, what Build number is appearing on the Splash Screen?



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                  m.houben Level 1

                  Version 11.0 Build 4913.

                  What it was before the update that came trough Bridge's CS5 Update Center, I don't know...


                  Hope u'r may be on to something, cause I don't get it, Extension Manager says all is fine, except, nothing happend in my Dreamweaver, but that's what I explained in my initial post.

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                    Nancy Gill Level 1

                    That's on track then.  Try uninstalling the extension, toss it and redownload the extension and reinstall that.  Definitely better than trying to reinstall Dreamweaver CS5.



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                      m.houben Level 1

                      Just got back from work, but i'm sad te report that I already tried that several times, there was

                      nothing wrong with the downloaded file, I uninstalled it, reinstalled it by double clicking, didn't work, so I uninstalled again, tried installing it by opening it in the Extension Manager itself (all ofcource by closing and opening dreamweaver when he needed to), all fine but nothing changed in my dreamweaver.... so I hope there are still some other solutions around.... i'm just sorry to inform you that I already tried that, even with restarts from my whole computer, it doesn't come up in dreamweaver itself.....


                      UPDATE!!!: I found out what It was..... It turned out to be something I didn't do in Dreamweaver CS5 itself.... (it was nowhere told, this is a solution I totally found out myself! ), When you install the update into the "Extension Manager CS5", and all in there says it's enabled and all went well, but when you start "Dreamweaver CS5" and it didn't work... You need to do ONE more thing... (maybe would be usefull to post it inside the extension itself Adobe! You make up your mind about that ...)


                      It turned out (I've got the idea when revieuwing the application bar in "Dreamweaver CS5" through one of "Lynda's Dreamweaver CS5 Essentials" Video Tutorial... they didn't told me that, I just checked it out after I saw it explained in that peticular video!) that on the "Application Bar" (the bar which also let's you switch between certain layouts of dreamweaver itself), there are 3 icons, one for the "Layout", one for "Extend Dreamwaver" and one for "Site", what I just needed to do was to open up "Extend Dreamweaver" and than choose "Extension Manager". It than pop's up the "Extension Manager CS5" itself, and what turned out, it jumps right into "Dreamweaver's CS5" own extension folder, and in there I saw that the extension was disabled... I just had to turn it on in there, restarted dreamweaver, and voila, I see the "Multiscreen" Document-toolbar-button .... Whohoo! That was all there was to it....


                      I find it just a little weird that when I start up the "Extension Manager CS5" by itself, everything is oke, but I need to activate it inside "Dreamweaver CS5" itself also... I don't know if this is common course, since this is my FIRST extension I installed myself since using Dreamweaver 3 (when it was still Macromedia's program, but with Adobe picking it up and making the program better, year after year, kudo's to that Adobe!). So I am glad to report it now works.... Great extension!!!! Especially the "Multiscreen" option, the whole reason I wanted this extension (and ofcource css3 and html 5.0 compatibility, now time to learn css3.0 and html 5.0, thanks to Dreamweaver for most !!!


                      I thought, i'd share it with you, the solution, from my own mind


                      PS: Thanks for the support anyway! And please bear with me if I made some grammatical mistakes in the text, my native language is Dutch, and my Englisch is quite good, but it itsn't flawless always, so i'm sorry for that, at least I hope I made myself clear to you guys and girls! Thanks again, and keep up the good work... I love it!


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                        m.houben Level 1

                        Read the update I wrote in my last comment

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                          Nancy Gill Level 1

                          That's interesting.  I install extensions all the time with the program closed and never had a problem .. but I'm surely glad you found the problem and have the HTML5 pack working for you.


                          Have a good weekend!


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                            m.houben Level 1

                            Yes, I also don't get it exactly, but in the future, when I install another Extension I might like, i will see if the same happens, and if it does, I now know the way to make it work in most cases... Thanks again, and you to, have a great remaning of the weekend (here it's almost sunday at noon now, so not much left of it hehe, but that's due to the different timezones we're in!)... Thank you again!

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                              David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

                              I can't remember exactly, but I'm fairly certain that a screen popped up telling me to close Dreamweaver before continuing with the installation of the HTML5 Pack. The pack upgrades the version of WebKit used in Dreamweaver, so it can't do it when the program is open.

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                                m.houben Level 1

                                Yes, after installation it tells you to restart Dreamweaver CS5 to make the changes (wheter Dreamweaver CS5 is on or not, I don't remember), but I've installed it, with AND without having Dreamweaver CS5 on. But i'm glad it's fixed now... I'm happy with the multiscreen and the mediaqueries

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                                  Rafael Zuma

                                  I had the same problem as you, m.houben! And this topic has helped me because I did not know what to do! But this procedure you did to succeed, is the procedure that should be done with all the programs?