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    Automatically fill all widths/heights

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      I like Visual Aids / Table Widths and the fact that I can drag table cell borders as I often have to work with absolute pixel widths/heights within tables. But I've always had this problem in Dreamweaver: Because it doesn't automatically fill all widths with a fixed width, there is room for interpretation for different browsers. Here's one example of a problem that causes:


      I have a table with lots of cells and a couple of merged cells too. I have to have everything pixel perfect. I have to drag around the cell borders, no time to manually calculate everything since there are so many pages and each page has to have different cell sizes. Now, I have one merged cell with lots of text in it. Below that I have a couple of normal cells, all of which has fixed widths. Everything looks fine, it even works fine in Firefox. But the merged cell doesn't have a specified width. So Internet Explorer will interpret it so that since there's lots of text, that cell should have lots of space. So IE ignores all the fixed widths of the lower cells and completely messes up the whole table in process.


      So, I really would like to see this in Dreamweaver:


      Automatic fill of all cells with fixed widths+heights. When dragging one cell's border, the whole table will be automatically reset with widths/heights to all cells. That's really needed, for example: When in Dreamweaver CS4 I drag the previous example's lower cell's border, it ignores the upper merged cell by just blanking it's width. Instead, that width should be calculated and set as well. The heights could be always automatically calculated when adding removing rows etc.


      Also, two other features that would really help me:


      1. When a cell has a longer words than the cell width allows or bigger image than fits in the pixelsize-specified-cell etc., the offending (too big) element could be flashing or turn red or similar. Now it's not always very easy to see why the "broken" table can't obey the set pixel sizes (= when the numbers go inside parenthesis in Visual Aids Table Width).

      2. Visual Aids Table Heights.


      These improvements would help me sooo much! Thanks.