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    Resizing flex app. problems in html



      When I publish a swf in flash. I can easily manipulate the size of the app. after in the html embedding, using the width, height and scale set to "exactfit" param. in the object tag. In other words , - the flash content stretches to fit the width and height I set here.

      However, when I try to resize a swf generated from Flash Builder, I'm not able to resize the content in the swf at all. Only the background container gets bigger.

      Any ideas?

      Best regards


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          jp77 Level 1

          Hi Fredrik,


          May not be the answer but take a look if there are any maxWidth/maxHeight and minWidth/minHeight settings in your s:Application or main container element. If you want the container to scale when the screen is resized you'll need to set these parameters as limits - it will never scale bigger than you max values and never scale smaller than you min values. There are some built in defaults too which you should look into.


          Hope that helps a bit

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            fredrik80 Level 1

            Hi Jp and thanks for responding!


            It is a good idea! I tried changing the maxWidth and height without being able to accomplish what I set out to..  I find it strange since I can force the size in html of any .swf generated in flash, but not flex.


            I just substitute my initial strategy to the proper way of resizing content in flex depending on the given flashvars values..


            Thanks again


            Best regards