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    External device not present

    Cesar Motaco

      Did a fresh install of CS3 Production Premium on my workstation (SuperMicro X7DWA-N; dual Xeon E5400; 8 Gb RAM, Nvidia Quadro FX1700 Video Edition - Windows 7 64 fresh install on primary 500 Gb sata drive, video files on 2 1Tb WD Caviar Raid 0).

      My problem is that I can capture and live preview HDV video on capture window, but playing from the timeline I can´t see nothing on the tv connected to the video deck (Sony HVR-M35). I have a dual monitor setup and the deck connected trough firewire of course. Already tried the 3 1394 drivers included with windows and altough the Texa Instruments driver doesn't allow for live preview, the OHCI drivers pose no problem.

      On Playback settings I get no external device for my HDV deck and already tried connecting one of my Canon XL H1a but still can't get live output. Both devices connect properly to windows device manager and allow captures. Only option I get on esternal device is my second monitor wich allows for full screen preview on it. Disconnecting the second monitor doesn't activate the dv output in playback settings either! I'm stumped!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!