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    question about ordering student version of flash


      Hello there, my name is Sam and I am looking to purchase the student version of Flash CS5 Professional off of adobe.com.


      My problem is that in order to get the student version, i need proof of eligibility, the prime example would be a student id card, but i am currently on a gap year actually starting my course in September. I have a confirmation letter of my acceptance into my University and when it came to buying my new Macbook Pro this was enough proof (along with a photo ID) to get a student discount, and in Adobe's eligibility FAQ, a 'dated proof of enrolment' is stated as an accepted form of proof.


      I was wondering if anybody knows of a way in which a person in my position can contact Adobe in order to send them my details and for them to confirm whether or not i am eligible for the Student versions before I place an order for the software and then later find out that I am not. I have rung their customer services phone number twice now and each time the person has given me a different story.


      Any help at all will do, thanks.



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          According to the Proof of Eligibility instructions on the education store, you need to scan your drivers license (or other valid photo id) and the letter of enrollment.  Save them as an image (JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF) or PDF, and send them via the form they provide in the checkout process.


          I believe the SOP for this stuff is, you submit all the information, they take up to a week to approve it, and then your card gets charged and the product shipped - so, if they aren't willing to accept the proof you sent, then they won't charge you.