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    /Contents entry in digital signatures

    micheal jakson

      Hi All,


      I have problem in making  /Contents entry  while trying to sign a PDF document.  Infact there is  problem in  Calculating ByteRange digest and then encrypting it.

      I  have seen  cryptographic message syntax v1.5. So I am using Signed-Data  content  type.  I am not using any authenticated attributes so there is  only  content field of ContentInfo.

      Now please tell what is  included in  content field? My assumption is that only ByteRAnge Message  is included.  then I calculate DER encoding of ByteRange message and  calculate the  hash of it using SHA1 algorithm.   Please tell me whether  I am right or  wrong? And after this how to encrypt the message? ..... Thanx in advance..





      Best   Regards

      Muhammad Akmal